The A+ programme provides New Zealand marine farmers with the practical tools to demonstrate transparency around their environmental performance. 

A+ objectives align with those of world leading accredited certification programmes - such as Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP). This association further substantiates the importance we place on our role of being outstanding guardians of our place and people. The A+ programme focuses on the following areas: 

  • Healthy ecology 
  • Clean clear water quality 
  • Responsible waste management 
  • Efficient use of resources 
  • Guarantee of food safety 
  • Valuing Iwi participation
  • Enhancing our communities 

How it works

The framework formalises a cycle of continuous reporting, review and improvement and provides a great platform for the community and industry to engage on their sustainability aspirations.

At the heart of the A+ programme is a set of sustainable management objectives that support our vision to positively contribute to New Zealand’s people and our place. The key driving principles of A+ include: 

  • Kaitiaki - care of people and place – through clear environmental objectives and best management practices 
  • Integrity – responsibility and trust – proof of sustainability through a system of self-reporting and third party assessments
  • Resourcefulness – innovation and creativity – regularly reviewing our progress and identifying new ways to manage our industry sustainably 

The A+ programme standardises sustainability for future prosperity. It aligns with the New Zealand Story – supporting the distinctly kiwi attributes that make us unique and enhance our value as an industry and as a country. 

The A+ brand story informs a stronger and more recognisable collective industry voice – so that our unique sustainability story can reach a wider audience and the benefits flow through to all New Zealanders and future generations.