The A+ programme provides New Zealand marine and freshwater farmers with the practical tools to demonstrate transparency around their environmental performance.

We know our industry has a strong commitment to the environment and already operate to high sustainability standards. The A+ programme makes those standards official and visible to everyone. 

A+ provides a practical guide through best practice operational procedures. It also recognises the value of innovation, ingenuity and individuality - qualities that, as a nation, we are known for and rightly proud of! 

There is no financial cost for those marine and freshwater farmers wanting to be involved in this programme. Once a company signs up, there will be some time and resource commitment required for training purposes and then for inputting of the data on a regular basis. 

The programme has widespread buy-in from across the industry with the following companies having formalised their commitment:·        

  • Akaroa Salmon
  • Apex Marine Farms
  • Biomarine
  • Blue Pearls
  • Clearwater Mussels
  • Clevedon Coast Oysters
  • Colquhoun Family Trust
  • Crail Bay Aquaculture
  • Gold Ridge Marine Farms
  • Gulf Mussel Farms
  • Hutchings and Addison
  • Jade River
  • James Marine Farms
  • Just Mussels Ltd
  • Kono Seafoods
  • Kotare Marine Farms Ltd
  • Lease Eighty Eight Oyster Company
  • MacLab
  • Madsen Marine
  • Mahurangi Oysters
  • MFML
  • Moana New Zealand
  • Mount Cook Alpine Salmon
  • MP Holdings 2003 Ltd
  • New Zealand King Salmon
  • Ngai Tahu Seafood Resources
  • North Island Mussels
  • NRFC
  • NZ Native Fisheries Ltd
  • Orata Marine
  • Paddy Bull Marine Farms
  • Pegasus Bay Marine Farm
  • Phillip Morris
  • Pigeon Bay Aquaculture
  • Port Aquaculture
  • Rodney and Daphne Cranwell
  • Sanford
  • South Pacific Oysters
  • Southern Seas Marine Farms
  • The World's Your Oyster
  • Waiheke Marine Farms Ltd
  • Westpac Mussels
  • Whakatohea Mussels Opotiki

Reporting tool

Industry members can use the reporting tool at to record results and track progress.

Industry members that wish to be involved should contact Rebecca Clarkson at AQNZ to register: 

Rebecca Clarkson | Environment Manager | Aquaculture New Zealand

Phone DDI +64 3 546 2661 | Mobile +64 21 2442132

  • Download the full Sustainable Management Framework documents below.